Dashboard lists out the consolidated information of all the modules.


Notices are a way of quick comunication to other users. The notice board provides all the essential notifications and reminders regarding the school and academics.

Student Admission

The student admission segment on Eduke can be included with a detailed profile of the students. Complete information of the student as well as contact details of guardian can be obtained from here.

Alumni Students

This lists students who have been part of the instituion but left

Student Roles

This is used to assign duty to a student

Course & Batch

Classified student lists can be maintained according to their class and batch. Each and every student details can be individually accessed by entering details regarding course and academic year.

Teacher Admission

Details of teachers are captured from here. Complete information of the teacher as well as contact can be obtained from here.

Track Academics

This is used to track academic details for students for previus terms and the current term

Track Fees

School administrators or parents can have access to the fee remittance status of a student. Financial transactions of an educational institution can be made more transparent by publishing the updates in this portal.


All the financial transactions are registered here. Voucher creation and account books can be tracked.


Student classes are created and managed from here. The class teacher is also set from this module.

Set Class Fees

Class fees for every term are set from here. Both optional and cumpulsary

Class Category

Class category helps categorize classes into arts or sciences

Class Level


Grade Subjects


The informative exam management portal lets students to be free from the tensions about exams. Exam schedules, portions, syllabuses and evaluation reports can be fetched from this portal.

Set Exam Type

Insert Marks


Make Payments

Approve Payments


Manage Term




BackUp Data

Restore Data

ManUser Management / Privileges

Special privilieges are given to the users to access their respective modules. Parents and students have their own privilieges to access the modules allotted to them.

School Staff & Guardian login

The students, teachers or guardian can access the software using the login credentials to view the information.